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March 15, 2016

This book offers subtle take-aways for middle managers, newly appointed executives and teams.  It is a fictional story about an organization in Silicon Valley with a “broken at the beginning” leadership team.  In comes the new CEO, Kathryn, with no experience in their industry, however possessing an “amazing talent” for building teams.  After all, as the book indicates, Jack Welch the Chairman & CEO of General Electric didn’t have to be an expert on toaster manufacturing to make GE a giant success (although we should give him credit for his degree in chemical engineering) and Herb Kelleher didn’t have to spend a lifetime flying airplanes to build Southwest Airlines.

Now some great quotes from the book:

  • “A fractured team is a like a broken arm or leg, fixing it is always painful, and sometimes you have to rebreak it to make it heal correctly.  And the rebreak hurts a lot more than the initial break, because you have to do it on purpose” – the “breaking” represents...

A business book that includes an online quiz and improvement strategies = engagement.  This book begins with explaining the value of an individual's emotional intelligence "EQ" score vs their intelligence quotient "IQ" score.  Something that fascinated me were the metrics and statistics gathered by the authors.  EQ is so critical; it accounts for 58% of performance in all jobs.  Also, on a 100-point scale, every added EQ point adds $1,300.00 to an annual salary.  In other terms, people with high EQ scores make an average of $29,000 more per year than people with low EQ scores.  These statistics definitely peaked my interest.

What does emotional intelligence look like?

First we need to understand the four EQ skills which are:

1.  Self Awareness - your ability to accurately perceive your own emotions in the moment and understand your tendencies across situations.

2.  Self Management - your ability to use your awareness of your emotions to stay flexible...

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