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The Great Resignation - How you can leverage it to rebuild your company culture.

As suggested by an article written in Forbes Magazine; there are three main ways that employers can incentivize employees to continue on with their companies. Firstly, being flexible or suggesting a hybrid work from home schedule will likely please most of your employees. Most people are happy to work a couple of days a week from the office, but they want to know that they have options. Secondly, you may need to review your total compensation program. Incentives do not always have to related into $. Additional time for parental leave, more paid time off or (sometimes) an increase in salary - never hurts. The third and perhaps most important thing to note, is that people want to work for a company that they feel really values them as people, and cares about their wellbeing. By increasing positive company culture, and upping your human resources departments' involvement, companies will be likely to retain more employees as we shift out of the pandemic and shift back into our new normal.

It is critical to note that people DO want to work, but that they want to work differently, and sometimes this means smarter not harder. Many companies have seen a huge increase in productivity and revenue, which means that if your employees are working in a focused and smart way for 5 hours a day, they may often be getting more done than in their long 8/9 hour work day. One reason for this, is that they have time to tend to laundry, kids, house or self care, which allows them to really focus on their work and only their work when they sit down to do it. The resurgence of work/life balance is long overdue, and as we navigate this shift, we need to respect the fact that if the work is getting done, your people are doing their job. Additionally, if you do have a workplace that requires people to be on site, offering an increase in comprehensive benefits will attract them to the job, and motivate them to stay. Increasing the number of paid days off and adding money to health and wellness spending accounts will make them feel valued by you and feel loyal to the company itself.

The biggest take away from this article, is that we as human beings all want the same things - to be valued, to find purpose and to create a life where we can enjoy living. If you or your company is experiencing the impacts of the so-called Great Resignation - reach out today. We have quality candidates to replace those you’ve lost, and we also have the skills to help you rebuild.

Send us an email today, we are here to help!

Lindsay Kryczka

Recruitment Consultant


(250) 800-5656 Ext 801

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