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Beyond Engagement by Brady G. Wilson

Energize Brains... Energize Talent... Engage!

Engagement keeps you in the race, but energy deploys your talent. This book discusses a forward thinking approach to what has historically been termed "employee engagement".

The book teaches managers how to meet their team member's driving needs and to manage potential, talent and performance through energy conversations. It promotes putting engagement back in the hands of our team members and allowing them to take accountability when it comes to their own engagement. The idea of shifting from "parenting to partnering".

It speaks of 5 driving needs that all team members have a predilection for when you receive them based on previous work/life experiences:

- belonging

- security

- freedom

- meaning

- significance

The book equips managers with enough information that they will be able to assess which of these, and there are typically more than one driver in most cases, applies to each of their team members. The book states, "If you don't step into your employees' world and find out what matters most to them, your recognition, inspiration, support, or respect will not be felt by them".

The book pulls in neuroscience as well which makes it interesting for me being a bio-chem major. The rational side (or left side) of your brain regulates your emotions, recognizes connections, predicts outcomes, ties directly to your ability to focus and promotes smart decision making. It is the powerhouse of innovation. The emotional or social side of your brain (the right side) will scan for connection cues, understands intentions, feels what people feel, and releases partnering hormones.

Energy check conversations, which are further explained in the book as well, co-create the conditions that release the flow of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. These neurotransmitters serve your team member's driving needs. If team members are primed with healthy levels of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin, imagine the outcome in your next team meeting... team members would be goal oriented, creativity charged, connection primed, trust disposed, fear free and focus filled.

I love books that incorporate fact-based case studies into their findings... if you have a company that is reconsidering their approach to "employee engagement" or "employee engagement surveys" this is your book. This is a look into the future. Brady Wilson is also available for in person workshops and I would highly recommend him to any business that is looking to bring the energy and focus within their culture to new levels.

Book Review by Alicia Bolton, President & CEO @ OutsourceHR

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