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Take Control Of Your Life by Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is one of the most booked speakers in the world and an international best-selling author. She is the creator and host of three #1 audio books on Audible including "Take Control of your Life".

If you are thinking of hiring a Life Coach, listen to this audio book first. It may save you time and money. Mel Robbins coaches 6 different individuals in how to silence their fears.

There are different types of fears covered in this book from the fear of failure, fear of conflict, fear of being put on the spot and being called out, fear of facing where your life is at in the present moment or the fear of meeting your expectations for your future. These types of fears can send us into a spiral of negative thoughts and in some cases can be debilitating.

She speaks to your body's reaction to fear and anxiety, where it silences you. It's important to understand first how your body reacts to fear. One of the most interesting points within this book is recognizing that our body reacts to fear before we do. We have the same body sensations prior to reacting to fear which can include anxiety, a flushed face, nausea, and/or a sense of heat overcoming you. The book encourages us to be more aware of these sensations so that we can adjust before we react.

There is a simple method in taking control of your fears and successfully win the mental game. Some people don't even realize that they are stuck in a pattern that is triggered by fears and anxiety. There are obvious fears driven by abuse or trauma, but some fears you may not realize exist. These fears trigger and drive negative results throughout your day.

It's time to "pull back the cover" on fear and overcome the things that we are afraid of by making small changes throughout our day. Once you recognize your patterns, you can change them and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. It's time to move forward with a different response to fear and Mel Robbins shows us how.

Written by Alicia Bolton, CEO & President @ OutsourceHR

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